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Why build an online community?

home Because you are a natural people gatherer, you love giving and receiving attention and there are things you would like to say to the world. Making your own online community will enable you to promote your brand, blog or band, engage your target group, audience, coworkers, friends or other internet warriors like you.

Why choose memeBee?

search Because, unlike most free forum webhosts, we won’t make your forum a part of a big, joint database with other forums; on the contrary, each forum is made on a separate database and has its own set of files, so there’s practically no limit to how much you can customize. Also, our webhost JaguarPC uses R1Soft data protection system so you can rest assured your forum is backed up daily on their servers.

Now what?

cogs Start by filling out the signup form in the left column of this page, and we will provide you with a free message board which can be further customized as per your feedback. memeBee communities are built on customized phpBB boards, “the most widely used Open Source forum solution today.”