If you could slap someone famous

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Re: If you could slap someone famous

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Mona wrote: I'm not a feminist, so your theory is a failure. I am relating what I learnt in science at school, because I found this subject fascinating, so I actually absorbed and retained it.

Our DNA comes half from the egg and half from the sperm. Eggs only contain X chromosomes. X chromosomes in DNA equals female. Sperm can contain either X or Y chromosomes. Two X = female baby. One of each = male baby. So if an X chromosome in sperm makes it female, and y chromosome makes it male.... therefore, all eggs are inherently female until a Y chromosome is introduced to alter that fact.
Im sure you are not.. Too pretty to be a toxic female.

The egg contains female chromosones but the whole thing is dormant..

In science terms, its genderless.
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