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Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: December 27th, 2017, 12:28 pm
by Gary Oak
I believe that it says something when a people resist santa more than they resist raping the boys and girls of the host nation who they begged to be allowed to live among. I suppose this is the kind of wisdom that can be expected by devout followers of an illiterate pedophile

Arrest Santa Claus, Attack Snowmen they are Evil Haram. Absurd Islam.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: December 27th, 2017, 2:27 pm
by Renee
Jist round these Islamic monkey fanatics up and gas them.

Problem solved.... :)

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: December 27th, 2017, 3:14 pm
by Blue Frost
They should all be sent back to where they came from, and any born here shipped off with them to their desired fanatic location.
I would bet their home countries wouldn't keep them around.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: February 9th, 2018, 6:34 pm
by Gary Oak
Yet another pearl of wisdom for our spiritual guidance from one of the most famous islamic scholars of all. :facepalm:

"female prisoners must be raped before execution to prevent them from entering heaven" Ayatollah Khomenei

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: February 20th, 2018, 9:56 pm
by Gary Oak
Muslim tough love, if your daughter pronounces the quran incorrectly....then kick her to death. It's no wonder that Hustin Trudeau and Obama love muslims so much.

Muslim beat and kicked his 9-year-old daughter to death for making mistakes while reciting the Quran

Here is more on the story that the Geller Report brought you on February 4. At that time we learned that this violently abusive father would recite the Quran during the night. Now in this new story we learn that he beat and kicked his little nine-year-old daughter for making mistakes in her recitation of the Quran. This once again reinforces the obvious fact that Islam is inextricably tied to violence. The book and its accompanying brutality are drilled into children. This monstrous father was once a nine-year-old child himself, learning the Quran and imbibing and internalizing its violent tenets. This is the result, and this is not by any means the only time this kind of thing has happened. ... quran.html

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: February 20th, 2018, 10:34 pm
by Blue Frost
I read about it earlier today, how sad can you get doing that to your own daughter. :(
Evil people follow that book, it's worse than satanist.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 4th, 2018, 10:02 pm
by Gary Oak
Thanks to Obama this is coming to the USA nad thanks to Justin Trudeau now Canadians are going to be killed by terrorists.

Terrorist ‘teacher’ found guilty of grooming ‘army of children’ to attack London landmarks

A self-styled teacher and supporter of Islamic State has been found guilty of trying to create an “army of children” more than a hundred-strong to help carry out a wave of terrorist attacks across London.
The defendant, 25-year-old Umar Haque was convicted of preparing acts of terrorism between March 25 and May 18 last year. Among his intended targets were iconic British landmarks including Big Ben, the Queen's Guard and Heathrow Airport.

Haque subjected up to 110 children between the ages of 11 and 14 to beheading videos and other violent militant propaganda under the guise of teaching Islamic Studies, the court heard.

'Indoctrinating minds': British values are being 'actively undermined' by Islamic extremists in schools

Islamic extremists ‘threatening British values’ in schools – UK watchdog — RT UK News
British values are being “actively undermined” by Islamic extremists using schools as a means of “indoctrinating impressionable minds,” the chief of UK watchdog Ofsted warns.

Despite the fact Haque had no teaching qualifications, he had access to 250 young people over five years at two schools through his job as an administrator. Among the schools where he taught, was the fee-paying Lantern of Knowledge Islamic school in Leyton, and Essex Islamic Academy, also known as Ripple Road Mosque, in east London.

Police believe he potentially tried to radicalize 110 children. “His plan was to create an army of children to assist with multiple terrorist attacks throughout London,” said Dean Haydon, head of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command. “He tried and he did, we believe, radicalize vulnerable children from the ages of 11 to 14.”

The children were forced to re-enact last year’s deadly Westminster attack and were trained to build up their strength. “He tried to prepare the children for martyrdom by making them role-play terrorist attacks. Part of that role-playing was re-enacting attacking police officers,” Haydon said.

Haydon said the children were sworn to secrecy and did not tell their parents, as they had been “paralyzed by fear.” Haque threatened that they would suffer the same fate as those in the militant videos he showed them. Thirty-five of the affected children are now undergoing long-term safeguarding measures involving social services and other authorities.

Teacher who trained his pupils to become an army of 'junior jihadis' ready to attack London landmarks is facing years behind bars

READ MORE: Police confirm 4 dead, 40 injured in Westminster attack, ‘Islamic terrorism’ assumed as motive

Haque first came to the attention of authorities at Heathrow Airport in 2016, when terrorist-related material was uncovered on his phone and he became the target of police and an MI5 investigation.

"We decided to intervene early and arrest him for what we thought was his longer-term aspirational attack plan and we then uncovered other offenses regarding the radicalization of children," Commander Haydon told Sputnik.

Prosecutors said that the defendant planned to use guns and a car packed with explosives to strike targets such as Big Ben, the Queen’s Guards, Westfield shopping center, banks, and media stations.

Haque was found guilty at London’s Old Bailey Court of a number of offences including preparing terrorist acts, having previously pleaded guilty to four charges. As he was dragged from the dock he shouted: "You will clearly see Islamic State establish itself in the Arabian peninsula and that droughts will affect Europe and America."

He will be sentenced at a later date. Two other men, Abuthaher Mamun – a 19-year-old who also taught at the mosque and 27-year-old Muhammad Abid – were convicted of assisting Haque.

Following the verdict, the UK Charity Commission confirmed that a statutory inquiry into the Essex Islamic Academy is underway. The inquiry opened in October 2017 but was not made public for fear of prejudicing the trial. An inquiry into Lantern of Knowledge has also been launched, which will be commencing on February 17.

READ MORE: 4 far-right attack plots thwarted, UK’s top counterterrorism cop warns of growing threat ... -children/

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 7th, 2018, 3:56 pm
by Gary Oak
Here's yet another enlightening sermon full of wisdom from ISIS. Enjoy the video. too

ISIS Tells Muslims to Kidnap and Murder Christians in Russian-Occupied Areas

The Islamic State has urged its followers to kidnap and murder Christians in “Russian-occupied Muslim areas,” according to a letter published by an intelligence group that monitors the terrorist organization’s online communications.

Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan are all Muslim-majority republics in Russia. ISIS says Russian rule there is an occupation.

The letter, titled “Strike Their Necks and Strike Each One of Their Sons,” claims that Russia has intentionally occupied Muslim-majority areas in the Caucasus and Central Asia to convert Muslims to Christianity or forcibly displace them. SITE Intelligence Group published the document Thursday.

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Five women were killed when a man fired at a church in Dagestan on Monday. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack, although the group often claims responsibility for terror attacks even when there is no evidence.

In its letter released Thursday, ISIS cited the church attack in Dagestan as an example of what its followers should do. The killer, who the ISIS letter describes as an “extraordinary mujtahid,” used a hunting rifle to kill people attending the Russian pre-Lent festival Maslenitsa. The man reportedly donned a beard and yelled, “Allahu akbar.”

“Allah permitting, this will be the spark for more bloody attacks that will destroy a larger number of the Christian combatants in all the Russian-occupied Muslim areas,” the letter reads. “Many of them will be killed as a punishment for their disbelief in Allah the Great, and it will plant fear and horror inside the hearts of hundreds of thousands of their brothers and make them flee with fear.”

The letter also calls for Muslims to kidnap and kill Christians living in Russia, and to use extortion.

“Let every Muslim know that the blood of those combatant Christians and their money is permissible and that taking any of them as hostages for ransom or to swap with a Muslim prisoner is also permissible. So let the good deed be for everybody,” the letter reads.

Russia rules a handful of Muslim-majority republics in addition to Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria. The former Soviet Union, governed from Moscow, also included areas that today are independent Muslim-majority countries, such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, among others. This history is mentioned in the ISIS letter as an example of Russia's “crusade” against Muslims.

Russia is currently fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose troops have fought against the Islamic State. Human rights groups have accused Russia of killing thousands of civilians in Syria with airstrikes. The letter from ISIS did not mention Russia’s activities in Syria. ... ims-818371

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 8th, 2018, 10:56 am
by Blue Frost
As the Koran dictates, you cannot be a friend to a non Muslim, so why try to be friends with them ?
If I was leading Russia, or any country, there would not be Muslims as a majority in any place. I would do like the Spanish did the Jews, and Muslims, convert, or today renounce, or get out.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 8th, 2018, 7:10 pm
by Gary Oak
They really are too whacked to fit in with any non muslim population anywhere

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 11th, 2018, 2:51 pm
by Gary Oak
YIt is Sunday and let's take a look at what wisdom and spiritual guidance is being taught in a mosqu :think:

Muslim cleric warns that fantasizing about strangers during sex leads to gay babies
Brace for a surge of born lesbians, according to Uzbek imam Rahmatulloh Saifutdinov, who stated:

“Men are not allowed to imagine another beautiful woman when they are having sexual intercourse with their wives, because this may lead to the birth of a lesbian child.”

On the other hand, if women are fantasizing about men, then this will lead to the birth of homosexual baby boys.

Scorn of gays and intolerance ooze from Saifutdinov’s teachings, as well as from the teachings of innumerable other Islamic preachers who believe in and preach the Sharia’s death penalty for gays.

Meanwhile, infidels are fighting for their right to free speech in Western countries. Simply to offend Muslims is “Islamophobic” and “racist,” while Muslim preachers are free to incite hatred and violence against gays and Jews.

“Uzbek Imam Warns Fantasizing About Strangers During Sex Leads To Gay Babies”, by Khurmat Babadjanov and Farangis Najibullah, Radio Free Europe, March 8, 2018:

A controversial Uzbek imam has suggested that homosexuality is a “disease that worries the world community” and offered advice on how couples can prevent having gay babies.

Rahmatulloh Saifutdinov, the chief imam of Tashkent’s Mirzo Yusuf Mosque, told worshippers that fantasizing about someone other than your spouse during sex can lead to a woman giving birth to a homosexual child.

Speaking during a sermon after Friday Prayers on March 2, Saifutdinov suggested that some Uzbek women think about “handsome” strangers while making love to their husbands:

“For example, women are fantasizing about handsome Turkish soap opera actors. There are many such posts on social media by some married women,” Saifutdinov said. “It’s like having three people taking part in the [sexual] intercourse.”

Such a sexual act, according to the prominent imam, could lead to a woman potentially becoming pregnant with a homosexual baby boy.

Saifutdinov was equally unforgiving about men’s intimate fantasies.

“Men, too, are not allowed to imagine another beautiful woman when they are having sexual intercourse with their wives, because this may lead to the birth of a lesbian child,” the imam warned…. ... gay-babies

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 11th, 2018, 4:41 pm
by Blue Frost
:laugh: What an idiot, and pathetic pedo follower. Free will, and free thinking should be practiced, not the stupidity they are pushing.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: March 23rd, 2018, 2:02 pm
by Gary Oak
Yet more spiritual guidance from Islamic instruction. Islam really doesn't even think about the interests of the nine year old girls.

NEW ISLAMIC FATWA: A father’s lust for his daughter is not a sin if the daughter is over 9 years old

Diyanet is the highest religious authority in Turkey and the final authority in interpretation of Islam. It controls the country’s 85,000 mosques.

Recently the authority issued a fatwa – an interpretation of Islamic rules – which created intense debate.

To a question from a believer, Diyanet replied that from an Islamic view it had no impact on a marriage “if a father kisses his daughter with lust.”

It was also, according to Diyanet, no sin “if the father looks at his daughter and feels lust.” The daughter must, however, “be over nine years old.”

This fatwa comes shortly after another fatwa from Diyanet, which said that engaged couples should not hold hands, because it could lead to other things, things that are haram (illegal) in Islam. In some countries it could even give grown men a reason to pick up stones and throw them at the couple until they are dead.

Put the two latest fatwas together and it gives a view of sexuality in Islam that is completely unreal and disgusting seen with Western eyes.

“Regrettable error in translations”

The fatwa naturally triggered a storm of outrage online, so much that the page where the fatwa had been was removed. But it is still in circulation, as people have saved it.

Now the head of Diyanet, Mehmet Görmez, tries to fix the scandal and run away from the original fatwa. To the Turkish broadcaster TRT, he says that the dramatic interpretation was due to a regrettable error in translation from Arabic!

The new answer to the question of father and daughter lust now reads, according Diyanet, that incest is a "pathological aberration".

There is only one problem - which everybody (at least in Turkey) knows. The religious experts at Diyanet are perfectly fluent in Arabic. They never make banal translation errors like this, ever. But of course, they had to come up with some lame excuse and this was probably the least lame they could come up with during the urgent cleric brainstorming meeting. ... fatwa.html

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: April 13th, 2018, 5:12 pm
by Gary Oak
Here's yet more spiritual guidance from the religion of piss. how does this imam know that these murderers don't feel any pain ? He must be trying to influence some low IQ inbred types to commit murder of non muslims.

Muslim preacher: When a “martyr” is killed, he feels no more pain than a mosquito or ant bite
In Islam, a martyr is one who “kills and is killed” for Allah (Qur’an 9:111). Mahmoud al-Khila is trying to make more people think that killing and being killed for Allah, and encouraging others to do so, is a great virtue.

The early conquests that created the Islamic world gained their impetus from an ideology of jihad that created a fearless warrior class: the jihadi was promised the earthly goods and women of the people he defeated, and if he himself was defeated, then the eternal pleasures of the virgins of Paradise.

It was a win/win situation. And as I show in my forthcoming book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can preorder here now, this ideology created a war machine the likes of which the world had never seen before. This is the first book to give you a comprehensive history of jihad activity. Relying primarily on eyewitness accounts and those of contemporary chroniclers, I detail the shocking history of how this war machine easily defeated two superpowers and captured and subjugated a massive expanse of territory stretching to Spain and India. Even then the jihadis didn’t stop, menacing Europe for hundreds of years from both east and west, and moving into Central Asia, obliterating historical strongholds of Hinduism and Buddhism. The renowned jihad warrior Tamerlane not only menaced the Christian Byzantine Empire, but even marched toward China to bring jihad to the Middle Kingdom.

It’s an extraordinary story, rendered all the more remarkable for how completely the Western world has forgotten that it ever happened. There is today a prevailing fog of misinformation and disinformation that claims that jihad terror is a relatively recent phenomenon and that the Islamic empires of the past were beacons of tolerance. These historical myths are cooked up not primarily to inform us about history, but to influence our political perspectives today regarding jihad terror, mass Muslim migration, and more. Arm yourself against these falsehoods, and get the truth: preorder The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS today: click here to do so.

“Hamas Culture of Martyrdom – Preacher Mahmoud Al-Khila: Those Next to the Martyr Receive Divine Reward Too, of a Lesser Degree,” MEMRI, April 8, 2018:

Hamas Culture of Martyrdom – Preacher Mahmoud Al-Khila: Those Next to the Martyr Receive Divine Reward Too, of a Lesser Degree

Gaza preacher Mahmoud Al-Khila said that the martyr is not the only one to receive divine reward. “Someone could be standing right next to his brother – one gets martyred, another gets wounded, and a third returns unharmed. … the reward is one and the same, but it is a matter of degree.” He cited a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, saying that a martyr feels no more pain upon his martyrdom than the sting of a mosquito or an ant. His statements aired on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV on April 8.

Mahmoud Al-Khila: “The people who are setting out on the Return marches, and who are stationed out at the borders – borders that, Allah willing are bound to be eliminated…These are people who follow the orders of their factions…If they end up returning to their families – are they really empty-handed? Is the martyr the only one to receive divine reward? Or do the people who were right next to him also receive divine reward? Someone could be standing right next to his brother – one gets martyred, another gets wounded, and a third returns unharmed. Do they receive different divine rewards? We say that the reward is one and the same, but it is a matter of degree. The martyr differs from the other two by ascending to the level of martyrs.”

Interviewer: “Does the martyr feel pain? Does he feel the pain of his death throes?”

Mahmoud Al-Khila: “The Prophet Muhammed answered this. He said that when a martyr is killed, he does not feel any more pain than he would feel from a sore or from the sting of a mosquito or an ant.” ... r-ant-bite

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: April 13th, 2018, 5:51 pm
by Blue Frost
I saw one blown in half, he looked in quite a bit of pain before he died. Maybe that guy should be an example, and stab himself

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: April 13th, 2018, 10:30 pm
by Gary Oak
Perhaps these imamas think to themselves after one of their congregation follows their advice and does a suicide attack and thinks "SUCKER! "

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: May 24th, 2018, 1:19 pm
by Gary Oak
These pedo hunters are doing a great service allover the western world. This certainly has caught many of them following in their pedophile prophets footsteps. After all why should it bother them that young girls are not attracted towierd old ugly men when this never mattered to their prophet?


The General Secretary of one of Blackburn’s biggest mosques has been suspended after being arrested on Thursday morning after allegedly trying to meet up for sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Mufti Ashraf Sidat, 45, of Masjide Noorul Islam, was apprehended in a sting in Flixton, Manchester, by what appeared to be paedophile vigilantes.

Here is a link to a video of the incident on the “Justice Will Be Served” Facebook page. Since it was posted the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

The 27 minute “Facebook Live” shows Sidat in a car while the vigilantes accuse him of trying to meet up for paid sex with a minor after conversing with him on dating app. At the end of the video the police arrest Sidat and read him his rights before taking him away.

Sidat, who is married with 5 children, remains silent throughout most of the encounter.

The mufti has been the principle of Madrassah Noorul Islam for over 20 years and is a trustee of Al Islah Girls School. He is also the director of a translation and interpretation service.

In addition, he advises the Home Office on counter-terrorism and Sharia law and works closely with the local council and police.

Hassan E Karolla, the trustee and chairman of Masjide Noorul Islam, released a statement about the incident earlier today.

He said: “Regarding the incident involving Mr Ashraf Sidat we have suspended him from all his duties at the Islamic Educational Society.

“I am working with my management team and the authorities who are conducting the investigation. I am also making arrangements for the overall management of the Madrassa whilst the investigation is carried out.

“Please note as the investigation is now in progress I cannot give you any further information. We are working closely with the authorities. In the meantime, please be reassured that your child’s teachers will continue to provide the best possible education in a safe and happy environment.”

5Pillars spoke to a mosque congregation member who told us that local Muslims were in shock because Sidat was considered a pillar of the community. The source told us that a large group of parents had gathered at the mosque for Isha prayers seeking answers and the mood was very somber.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: July 24th, 2018, 4:40 pm
by Gary Oak
I was tempted to post this on my slavery thread but here is a muslim starlet preaching her muslim belief about servants. What she is calling a servant I believe is slavery. As is so typical in islams she is so lacking in humanity that she doesn't even see her servants as people. I am glad that I don't have to work for her or people like her.

Kuwaiti Instagram star sparks outrage over slave rant: 'How can I have a servant who keeps their own passport?'

Social media is a tool used to share about your day, shop your favourite online model‘s look and keep in touch with friends.
But one Instagram celebrity is coming under harsh criticism after sharing a video rant about new laws improving the rights of domestic workers.

Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti make up artist, shared her outrage around news laws allowing her maid one day off each week and to keep their passports.

The new labour laws were introduced to protect the rights of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti Instagram star sparks outrage over slave rant: 'How can I have a servant who keeps their own passport?'
Yahoo Style UK Krista Thurrott,Yahoo Style UK 9 hours ago
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Sondos Alqattan is under fire for her ‘slave’ rant [Photo: Instagram]
Social media is a tool used to share about your day, shop your favourite online model‘s look and keep in touch with friends.
But one Instagram celebrity is coming under harsh criticism after sharing a video rant about new laws improving the rights of domestic workers.

Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti make up artist, shared her outrage around news laws allowing her maid one day off each week and to keep their passports.

The new labour laws were introduced to protect the rights of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait.

“How can you have a servant at home who keeps their own passport with them?” asked Alqattan in the since-removed video. “What’s worse is they have one day off every week… If they run away and go back to their country, who will refund me? Honestly I disagree with this law. I don’t want a Filipino maid any more.”

Seated in her luxury car ranting to her more than 2.3 million followers, the beauty blogger sparked outrage in the Philippines and Middle East.

With Migrante International, a Filipino advocacy group, likening Alqattan’s comments to that of a “slave owner” with an outlook “that literally belongs to the dark ages.”

Migrante International is calling on the social media star to publicly apologise for her demeaning comments.

The agreement between the Philippines and Kuwait came after months of strained relations. In February there was a temporary ban on Filipino workers traveling to Kuwait after a domestic worker was found dismembered in the freezer of a flat.

The agreement was signed to eliminate tension and improve the human rights of Filipino workers in Kuwait.

As for Alqattan, two major beauty brands have ended their contracts with her as a result of her rant. She continues to defend her position, sharing a follow up post addressing the “rumours.”

She has since disabled comments on her social media.

The outrage continues as people call for other high profile brands that sponsor the blogger to cancel their contracts – most notably Max Factor and MAC Cosmetics. ... ccounter=1

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: July 26th, 2018, 9:19 pm
by Blue Frost
I wish that they would quit going to Muslim countries to work, so many are abused, and many never seen again.

Sermons In The Mosques

Posted: August 13th, 2018, 5:44 pm
by Gary Oak
Let's see what Muslim children learn when they go to summer camp shall we ? :facepalm:

"Heavily Armed" Muslim Extremists Arrested In NM; Trained 11 Children To Commit School Shootings

Update: Fox News reports that Wahhaj's father is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing:

Wahhaj’s family background was already controversial prior to his arrest. Wahhaj is the son of a Brooklyn imam, also named Siraj Wahhaj, who was named by prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the New York Post reported. The elder Wahhaj, who heads Masjid At-Taqwa mosque, was a character witness in the trial for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the notorious “blind sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 of plotting terror attacks in the U.S.

Hujrah and Subhannah Wahhaj, who is married to Morton, are Wahhaj Sr.’s daughters. The younger Wahhaj is married to Leveille, the New York Post reported citing public records and statements the imam made in a January Facebook post. -Fox News

Authorities looking for a missing 4-year-old Georgia boy say his father and another man were training nearly a dozen children at a remote New Mexico compound to commit school shootings with assault rifles, reports AP.

While police didn't find the toddler, Abdul-ghani Wahhaj - who went missing in December in Jonesboro, Georgia - authorities discovered 11 other children ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old held in "the saddest living conditions and poverty I have seen," while the remains of a boy were also found on the compound which have not yet been positively identified by medical examiners.

Authorities say the father of the 3-year-old told the mother that he wanted to perform an exorcism on the child, and that he was bringing the boy to a park after which he never returned.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, and Lucas Morten were operating the makeshift compound in Amalia, New Mexico, and were described as "heavily armed and considered extremist of the Muslim belief" by Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said in a statement posted to the agency's Facebook page on Saturday. ... mit-school