European Suicide, Spiritual and Physical

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Re: European Suicide, Spiritual and Physical

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Renee wrote: May 20th, 2020, 3:09 pm
Odinson wrote: May 19th, 2020, 2:24 pm Blacks were chattel slaves... The oldest and noblest form of slavery.

The problem is that they think they were the only ones who were enslaved like that.

And they think being a slave in the southern states was worse than being a gallic chattel slave in the roman empire.
What do you really know about blacks in the US or their social or cultural situation?

To be perfectly honest there are a lot of black people in the US that still hold onto the slavery thing as a means of justifying their anti social behavior but they are in the minority. Even more annoying are the blacks that are more recent immigrants latching onto the slavery thing like they were somehow affected by it simply through the color of their skin.

Most black people in the US are struggling with getting past more recent racial issues of inequality, poverty and the overall deterioration of the black community. Black people only make up 13% of the US population. Crime, violence and drugs have decimated their communities and most black people realize that's where the real issue is. It's the reprehensible white liberals and their lap dogs in the black community who use racial division as a way to grab power and votes, who are the ones keeping the slavery issue alive. It's the scumbag white liberals who are continuing to agitate for reparations for black slavery and unfortunately a segment of the more weak minded blacks are swallowing the koolaid, (no pun intended)
I had a short-term romantic relationship with a cute little african-american female..

I plugged my cable into her socket and downloaded some information on the african-american community.

I know everything now.

The certain injustices are still in living memory and hate does carry from one generation to the next... It is a dead-end mentality even though quite understandable.
The liberals are only rubbing salt on those old wounds so that they will always get the black vote.

There seems to have been a period between segregation and today, where the black community was doing better.. But was then destroyed by "black culture".

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