The Federal Reserve

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Re: The Federal Reserve

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beanthere wrote: February 21st, 2021, 12:08 pm It is coming. The King is coming. When He shows up, people will want to hide, but they won't be able to. Matthew chapter 24, the Book of Revelation, the fact is, nobody gets away with anything, dead or alive. Everyone will be made to give an account of their lives, and nothing will be hidden. The good news of course, is that if you appeal to the King while still alive, you will find mercy, but these clowns will get what is coming to them.
BT, I hope so... I've been watching and waiting... seems like there's a lot is going on. Look at all the hotshot resignations.
I've been looking in Revelations lately although I don't know the bible really that well but started reading Revelations. There's a paragraph in there about things gone in one hour or short amount of time, I can't remember which Revelation/paragraph though. Maybe all their fake money system will vanish and everything with it... wonder if it has already.

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