COVID-19 lady at Taco Time at Hillside Mall!

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COVID-19 lady at Taco Time at Hillside Mall!

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On Monday, February 7th, 2022, at around 5pm, I was about to order dinner at Taco Time in Hillside Mall, Victoria, BC.
The lady behind the counter was coughing and short of breath.
She told me she had a 39 degree fever, that she tested positive for COVID-19 earlier that day, and that she was unvaccinated.
She was an older lady with a cane.

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Re: COVID-19 lady at Taco Time at Hillside Mall!

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Concerned for her, or yourself ?
In my view she should not have been exposing people.

It's like the usual flu unless you are already sick with something else usually.
I had it for three- four days, high temperature, and in bed, my mom on the other hand had pneumonia, and died with it.
She didn't get a temperature by the way.

My suggestion is a good intake of vitamin c, and some zinc to build your system up some, and if you get symptoms go to get tested.
Usually if you get it it will be within three to five days.
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