My dad's final YouTube video.

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My dad's final YouTube video.

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My dad was into psychology, this might be of some benefit to anyone:

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Re: My dad's final YouTube video.

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Thanks for sharing, and again so sorry for your loss RDL.
I lost my mother last year, my father years earlier, it still really hurts.

His view on the memories as a child, and fears they can change, and mix a lot of stuff up in your head.
Some people thinks everyone hated them, bullied them, or whatever when your mind made it all up over a short memory.
I agree with him on helping yourself, how do you control some things like parental loss when they where your life.
nothing will help me now I guess, Ill talk with him soon maybe with all those I have lost over the years.

You know holding unto all that old emotional baggage weighs you down if you don't shed some of it.
It can break you down just like real weight does by being very heavy.
I think holding unto some of it builds you up, makes us stronger which can build character.
Yeah I think I would have enjoyed talking to him a little.
"Being alone isn't what hurts. It's when the people around you make you feel alone" ~ Naruto Uzumaki, an Anime Character

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