The meaning of life

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The meaning of life

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So I think a lot on trivial matters, and one has been the meaning of life years back.
I asked people what it may be with some strange, answers, and some with wishful thinking, or religious.
Well here is my answer for those seeking the big answer, it means nothing, nothing at all.
Even though it means nothing there can be meaning, the answer is making it mean something for you, and others.
Whats the point really if you don't try, if not for yourself do it for someone else.
Also you may be part of that meaning for someone else, your parents, children, a friend, and even a pet.

Life means nothing, you have to put meaning to it, and share it. :)

Now on a biological point it's about making more of you, and passing yourself on to the next generation.
Not so hard for an answer there right.

Whats your view of the meaning of life, it would be interesting hearing it ???

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