Leave Bernardo Alone!

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Leave Bernardo Alone!

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Yes, Paul Bernardo raped and killed those two women like 30 years ago.
Yes, he was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

But I wholeheartedly support the decision to move him from maximum security to medium security.
They clearly did it so he can get the help that he needs.
I think we should all be supportive of that.

People can change, you know.
We shouldn't pretend that any of us hasn't ever done anything imperfect.

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Re: Leave Bernardo Alone!

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You say he has changed, but the fact is he killed people, and if he has changed he would realize he needs to pay for those actions.
Also he would expect for harsh treatment, and scorn from others.

There is no way in a lifetime you can pay for those bad actions unless giving your own life, and as for him taking two lives in such cruel manors it would take more.
He deserves anything bad, he has it coming to him deserving.

Do you think the two victims deserve better, they wont get it being in the ground after being raped also.
How did they feel being grabbed up, rapped, and them murdered ?
People might change sometimes, but it doesn't change what they did in life.
"Being alone isn't what hurts. It's when the people around you make you feel alone" ~ Naruto Uzumaki, an Anime Character

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