Will Dix's election harm Canadian economy?

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Will Dix's election harm Canadian economy?

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First, several key international economic endeavours will depend on political will. This involves energy and its transportation, specifically through environmentally sensitive areas. This will impact provinces that move natural resources west to get to Pacific Rim clients, but also suppliers of equipment needed to do so -- many from Ontario and Quebec.

BC politics is interesting to those of us who don't live there. Bill Bennett and Bill Vander Zalm on the SoCred side; Mike Harcourt and Glen Clark on the NDP side. For the last 12 years, it's been Liberal, beginning with Gordon Campbell, who survived controversy himself (HST, B.C. Ferries, impaired driving charge). He gave way to current Grit boss and premier Christy Clark.

Now it will be Adrian Dix who was chief of staff for Clark from 1996-99 when "Casinogate" brought down that career. Dix was dismissed for back-dating a computer memo to protect Clark from conflict-of-interest charges. Dix has admitted he made a mistake and says he is not running from it, but if a leopard doesn't change its spots, voters have to feel at least a little "once bitten, twice shy.

How "progressive" will an NDP government be on global energy projects? After all, BC like the rest of Western Canada makes money by selling resources. Dix appears ready to nix all projects from twinning Trans Mountain to LNG projects. Is this an attempt to steal the Green party's thunder? If he is serious, how will he get money to pay for campaign promises? How will stopping large-scale projects impact Canada's bottom line and manufacturers in Ontario?

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