your favorite internet forums

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your favorite internet forums

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.. other than this one, phpBB community forum and of course, which must come first;))

for starters straight dope is certainly worth a mention:

as well as its forum relative (apparently some of the same people post here as well as at the straight dope):

what i liked about the first one is it has some really interesting, well thought out discussions there what i didn't is - i missed my forum peeps (which is not really a great reason but that's what it was:))

what i liked about giraffeboards is certainly the design - so pretty and it made the forum feel a bit more - my age group:)) - (whatever that means!) and what i didn't again the same thing - i missed my peeps.

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Re: your favorite internet forums

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I come here, Memebee, and my forum usually, I try to limit my time anymore so I can get what I can done. I do post sometimes at others but they are just distractions.

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