Terms of Service

1) No Illegal Contents. By signing up for a free forum you agree not to operate your forum in an illegal or otherwise objectionable manner. This includes but is not limited to posting warez, pornography, gambling or offering downloads of copyrighted material.

2) User Permissions. You agree to maintain at least 50% of your forum content readable by guests and bots but you are welcome to restrict user registration as you see fit.

3) Support. We currently only provide support for English language forums. It is your responsibility to backup your database regularly as well as request help with any software updates or style customization you feel your forum requires. We will do our best to accommodate such requests.

4) Name and Ownership.
For now only available format for your free forum domain name is yourforumname.memebee.com or memebee.com/yourforumname. Should you at any point decide to leave memeBee forum hosting, you are welcome to take your database with you and we promise to never use any of its contents without your permission.

5) Inactivity. If your forum appears to be abandoned (without any posts over a period of 30 days or has over 1000 spam members) it may be removed. Should you wish to keep a low-activity forum online, make sure you make at least one post per month and enable the spambot countermeasures available through your administration control panel (if you don’t know where those are, we will be happy to help you find them).

6) Advertisements. We reserve the right to display advertising on your forum and promise to keep it minimal and discrete. You are not permitted to display any javascript advertisements.

By continuing the use of this service, you agree that is your responsibility to review this page regularly to ensure your forum is in compliance. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time. Any non-compliant forums will be removed at our discretion.