Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning

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Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning

Unread post by Irina » 09 Jul 2019, 20:06 ... beginning/
American colleges used to pride themselves on their commitment to free speech and free inquiry. That’s the only way learning takes place, we thought, and you’d have to go back to the Dark Ages to find people who disagreed. Only now the Dark Ages have returned, with college speech codes, barking-mad left-wing student mobs and faculties that refuse to hire open conservatives.

This week, President Trump took a big step to stop the madness with one of the most important speeches of his presidency.

Trump signed an executive order to authorize the denial of federal funds to colleges that suppress student free-speech rights. Students who’d expressed conservative ideas, planted crosses for aborted children or passed out Valentine’s Day cards saying “Jesus Loves You” have been denounced by angry professors or sent off to free-speech zones.

No more, said Trump. The federal government awards billions to our universities; top schools get a billion apiece. That’s going to stop, he said, if they don’t honor free-speech rights.
i am not a fan of trump but yet again, he is doing the right thing.

edit: published on march 22 2019. i wonder if somebody posted this already?

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Re: Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning

Unread post by J0E » 09 Jul 2019, 21:19

Maybe campuses should just end anyone regardless of political persuasion from speaking on their campuses period.

Then force them to choose an offsite location for their activities.

That way no one is given preference and everyone gets banned from making politically motivated speeches.

It’s similar in concept to banning mosques on campus or forcing universities to build prayer rooms because campuses are supposed to br non denominational places. So perhaps they should be designated as apolitical too.

Ike Turner

Re: Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning

Unread post by Ike Turner » 09 Jul 2019, 21:24

Hmm... Speeches are optional though, and there is no duty to attend, correct? Go if you wanna, or don't go too!

Just like a movie. Watch the ones you like, and don't watch the ones you don't like!

Remember, these are all adult aged 'students' here, so it's not like they're a Grade 3 class of Elementary School kids being bused off to a field trip!

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Re: Trump’s fight for campus justice is only beginning

Unread post by Vivek_Golikeri » 31 Oct 2019, 17:19

Half the nation's colleges need to be shut down, and half those tenured parasites fired.

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